Guidelines for K9rChloe Illustrations Contest

Brought to you by

Visit Huntington Beach and Huntington Beach Police & Community Foundation

TITLE: Illustrator Contest – Feel the Love for K9R Chloe, SurfCity USA®

PURPOSE: Surf City USA® is a registered trademark of visit Huntington Beach and has granted permission for use in the children’s book authored by local HB resident Carl l. Jablonski. In partnership with Visit Huntington Beach and Huntington Beach Police Community Foundation, prize money has been established and will be awarded as follows: 1st Place – $1,500,  2nd Place – $1,000 and 3rd Place $500.  This event is to provide an opportunity for local Huntington Beach Residents to present their artistic talents for the 3rd children’s book in the Adventures of Chloe Series.


  • Contestant(s) understand that this is a Right to Hire Illustrator Assignment.

ELIGIBILITY: Any Huntington Beach Resident.

DEADLINE: Submittals to be received no later than March 28, 2024


  1. Name, telephone number and email address of person submitting illustrations
  2. A personal website (If available) where we can visit to review any previous work.

NOTE: there is no requirement for the illustrator to have any previous experience in publishing.


All submittals will be emailed with the following information and attachments to:


  • All submissions to be sent in PDF format as attachments.

Attachments for submission as follows:

  1. One (1) Character Style sheet (8 ½ X 11)
  2. One (1) page in sketch form – (three (3) Storyboards)

                  IMAGE # 1: Chloe looking directly into the camera/ raising her can of hair of the dog and saying “cheers!”

                  TEXT: # 1: Dudes! I just got off my shift from my K9 duties at the HBPD and it has been a knarly day!

                  IMAGE # 2: Chloe has her surfboard under her arm and is ready to go!

                  TEXT: # 2: I’ve got my leash on and I’m ready to hit the curls!

                  IMAGE # 3: Chloe with kids showing off with their hands over their heads showing “crooked ears”

                  TEXT: # 3: Let’s get our crooked ears going!

  1. One-page (your choice) of the three (3) storyboards listed above combined with text in color (8 ½ x 11)

ILLUSTRATOR GUIDELINES (What we are looking for)

  • The illustrator submitting their work for this proposal will benefit from going to the website theadventuresofchloe.com and reviewing the excerpts from Chloe with the Crooked Ears and A Name unto Myself.
  • The Adventures of Chloe is a series. The author is seeking to establish a character that best represents German Shepherds and /or Belgian Melinois for the K9 Unit of the Huntington Beach Police Department.
  • Story: Chloe is a working K9 at the HBPD. Chloe is taking a short vacation on her day off and is visiting various recreational sites in Huntington Beach.
  • Every effort should be made to dignify Chloe’s ‘character’ stature as a working K9.
  • Character is the most important aspect of this series.
  • Backgrounds are secondary to the characters – styles of backgrounds are suggested from Chloe with the Crooked Ears as a preference.
  • Character style sheet must have at least four (4) views) of the Chloe character.
  • Storyboards are quick sketch only and demonstrate the intent of the text.
  • Final illustration with character, background and text in color should present your interpretation of the character, the backgrounds and how the text is presented.

For further information, please direct your questions to: